Making the Auditor About More Than Just Numbers

Kathy will not only audit government departments, she has the knowledge and experience to look beyond the balance sheet and make sure taxpayers get a fair deal from state government. Kathy will make sure the position of Auditor becomes relevant to all Delawareans and make sure your money is being spent properly.

An Auditor…. on YOUR Side

Kathy believes all Delawareans deserve a voice in Dover who will stand up for their interests. She will make sure workers are being paid properly through State contracts while public-private partnerships and corporate tax incentives work for the taxpayer.

An Auditor that brings a common sense approach

The state spends your money.  Kathy will not only combat waste, fraud, and abuse, but also bring a common sense approach to find missed opportunities and ways our State can operate smarter, more efficiently and more effectively.  

A 21st Century Auditor

With Kathy as Auditor we will get transparency, accountability, and proactivity. Using best practices, state of the art technology and accounting techniques to improve efficiency and results, she will be on the front lines of State spending issues. This means adequate staffing levels for the Auditor’s Office, something currently missing. Kathy will only contract out Audits to third parties when it will save the taxpayers money. You will also hear from Kathy about how your money is being spent.

The Right Kind of Experience

Kathy has spent decades holding those in power accountable in government, on non-profit boards and in business. Kathy has spent the last 16 years on the City Budget and Finance Committees. Crucially, she has worked with all kinds of people to make all levels of  government work for the people. She knows the Auditor’s Office can do more. Kathy’s experience as a Certified Fraud Examiner, an advocate, pharmacist, entrepreneur, and City Commissioner have prepared her to tackle the issues our state faces.